Survey and BIM modeling of Dirox industrial facilities


Dirox has asked CSI Ingenieros to survey its industrial process and services facilities in order to generate a BIM three-dimensional information model that can be used in future maintenance and expansion of its facilities.

The work involved a combination of survey by laser scanning (point cloud) and manual survey of structures, installed equipment and pipes. The resulting BIM model comprises the existing structure of the buildings, in addition to more than 100 installed equipment and 2,500m pipe lines. Together with this, P&I diagrams were updated in accordance to the surveyed facilities, and a layer of information was incorporated into the model including the characteristics of the surveyed existing equipment. The delivery of the integrated BIM model was complemented with support and training provided to the recieving team. This facilitated the exploration of the model and exploitation of the information contained in it.

The resulting integrated BIM model represents the centralized information repository of the company’s industrial facilities. Centralized information management increases efficiency and decreases risk during operation, maintenance and future interventions stages. In Uruguay, owners are increasingly relying on BIM processes to manage end to end lifecycle information of their facilities. From CSI we seek to actively participate in this change process through our consolidated experience and multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive engineering services with BIM.