In CSI Ingenieros we believe that CSR and Social Value Creation are elements implicit in the nature of our projects and services, where respect for ethic values and principles, persons, the community and the environment are incorporated in our business, our day to day management, and the management of our human capital.

Development of a Recycling Observatory for Uruguay

Within the frame of its CSR program, CSI Ingenieros is collaborating, through its Environmental Unit, with CEMPRE (Corporate Environmental Commitment), a non-profit civil association, for the installation of a recycling laboratory in Uruguay through the definition of general and type-specific recycling indicators. These indicators will be regularly updated, with studies on waste composition and information from the companies, in order to monitor the situation of the recycling market and its evolution in Uruguay.

For this, we analyzed the quantity and composition of the wastes arriving at landfills according to previous characterization studies at the national level, while we also interviewed the key participants in the recycling market for each type of waste.


Our main programs are:

“Eng. Arandu Cabrera” Grants, created as a tribute to one of our founder partners, intend to promote those values promoted by CSI (Excellence, Innovation and Commitment), through programs that promote the professional training of Engineers and related technicians in Uruguayan Universities, providing opportunities to students with high potential and/or lack of economic resources.
Responsible Drivers Programs, for our collaborators, and with several sensitization and awareness activities, including theoretical and practical safe driving courses, and a vehicle control system.

We also support, among other projects, to educational projects of different public bodies, mainly in the environmental area. An example of this is the “Una travesía ambiental” (An Environmental Journey) manual, for 8 to 12 year old children of public schools and high schools, intended as a support to teachers, and delivered by the Municipality of Montevideo to the public schools of Montevideo.