Detailed Engineering for the Bypass to the city of Nueva Palmira

Client: Corporación Vial del Uruguay (CVU)
Roads & Transportation
Traffic Engineering, Transportation Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to develop the detailed engineering for the bypass to the city of Nueva Palmira, the bypass junction with Routes 12 and 21, over Sauce stream and road accesses to the port of the city of Nueva Palmira, together with the preliminary plan of the Route 12 cloverleaf interchange.

Project Scope

- Detailed engineering of 6.70 km of bypass to the city of Nueva Palmira in a one-way route with special bay in order to turn in intersections with relevant roads, a rotating junction with route 12 and a T-junction with route 21.
- Detailed engineering of a double route of 1.60 km in the land access to the port of Nueva Palmira with access to the different existing port terminals of the area.
- Localization and design of a truck center in front of the National Port Administration terminals and ONTUR terminal.
- Detailed engineering of a new 60 m long bridge over Arroyo Sauce.
- Multilevel interchange in the bypass junction with route 12, with a one-way route of 160 m long and with natural slopes of 300 m with a variable height on both sides of the access to the structure.
- Complete soil and foundations studies for the structures.
- Relocation of Higueritas channel in a segment of 130 m long nearby Paraná and Perú streets.
- Traffic studies and demand analysis to establish the functionality and operation of the solutions to be proposed for the bypass and for its junctions with the mains existing routes.
- Analysis of capacity and levels of service in the junctions of the project.
- Accident analysis and evaluation of the improvements made.
- Social and pedestrian movement studies, and environmental impact assessment (EIA, in Spanish).