Weighing National Master Plan of Paraguay

Client: COMYCSA para el Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Comunicaciones (MOPC)
Roads & Transportation
Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Transportation Engineering

CSI Ingenieros developed the “Plan Maestro Nacional del sistema de pesajes del Paraguay” [National Master Plan of the weighing system of Paraguay], conducting the following activities:
• Analysis of the existing vehicle weight control system that contributed to its strengthening, improving its efficiency and effectiveness within a transparent and auditable (weighs and dimensions) operational framework, and, at the same time, protecting the road infrastructure from the excessive deterioration caused by the circulation of overweight vehicles.
• Analysis report and evaluation of toll systems taking the technology in use as a start point. Proposals for the extension and improvement of the system were presented within the modernization project, considering the adoption of the operational model at a national level.

Project Scope

Toll System
- Analysis report of current situation.
- Characterization of the problem: analysis of regulation in force and the characteristics of cargo transportation in Paraguay.
- Conduction of vehicle surveys and origin-destination surveys.
- Definition of new locations for toll stations.
- Design of a new regulatory framework: update of the Law and Regulation of the Law of Weighs and dimensions, weigh limit by axis proposal, tolerances and sanctions proposal for enforcement.
- Technical-economic study on the incidence of the proposed weighs by axis.
- Enforcement strategy: elaboration of a development model and weighing system planning, alternative proposal for equipment and infrastructure, requirements regarding applicable law.
- Analysis report of current situation.
- Elaboration of a legal framework for the collection of toll rates through electronic collection.
- Conduction of vehicle surveys and origin-destination surveys.
- Definition of new locations for toll stations.
- Estimation of current and future income of toll stations.
- Confection of drawings and technical specifications for the new stations.
- Elaboration of the bidding terms and conditions for outsourcing the service of toll collection.