Montevideo Mobility Management Center

Client: Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo (IMM)
Roads & Transportation
Traffic Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to conduct the installation, operation and maintenance of the Montevideo city Mobility Management Center. The operation included tasks of traffic engineering, traffic lights modeling and planning.

Project Scope:
- Update of intersections that have traffic lights, in twelve (12) areas of Montevideo, with telematics used in traffic controllers, traffic video detection, video-surveillance and a communication system with users using variable message signs.
- Elaboration of a baseline on traffic conditions in the areas to operate.
- Elaboration of traffic engineering studies: planning and modelling of control strategies and traffic light planning.
- Implementation of a network of electronic monitoring devices for speed infringement and red-light infringement in traffic lights.
- Architectural and telematic installations of the main building and incorporation of new data center equipment.
- Operation and maintenance of the Mobility Management Center and all peripheral full-time connected equipment.