Detailed Engineering for the Traffic Interchange in the access of La Floresta

Client: Consorcio Interbalnearia Oeste
Roads & Transportation
Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Structural Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to carry out the detailed engineering of the overpass traffic interchange in the access of La Floresta. The project consisted of elevating Route 35 over Route Interbalnearia through an embankment and save the double lane road with a 40 m long structure with a protected intermediate support in the median strip. The interchange allows all maneuvers to be done through four connecting branches and two rotary road intersections - on each side - over Route 35. It also comprised a bikeway for bikers and pedestrians pursuant to accessibility regulations. Since the existing public strip had to be respected, almost vertical embankments had to be erected which were constructed using reinforced soil and concrete blocks finish. Drainage with special structures to capture and direct rainwater were projected.

Project Scope

Detailed engineering of the traffic interchange in the access to the city of La Floresta in the junction of route Interbalnearia and route 35. The works included:
- Topographic studies.
- Complete soil and perforation studies for structures.
- Hydrological and hydraulic studies.
- Altimetric project.
- Soil movement project.
- Drainage project.
- Pavement project.
- Analysis and design of detours during works.
- Structural project.
- Quantity estimations.
- Construction drawings.
- 3-D model of the interchange