Statistical traffic survey in National Routes

Roads & Transportation

CSI Ingenieros was hired to implement a traffic survey system with statistical purposes in the national routes of Uruguay (8,600 km). CSI services also included the supply, installation, maintenance and operation of the equipment as well as the exhaustive
processing of the data gathered. The equipment used were piezoelectric sensors and magnetic spirals for permanent and temporary stations, and other magnetic and pneumatic equipment for extraordinary counts.

Project Scope

Extension of the traffic statistic surveying system for the National Routes of Uruguay (8,600 Km) which entailed:
- 18 permanent stations (24 h, all year round), for classified counts and weigh in motion (WIM).
- 3 permanent stations (24 h, all year round), for classified counts using video.
- 47 temporary stations (24 h, 4 weeks per year) for classified counts, in the remaining primary road network and in the secondary road network.
- 12 stations for presence detection to measure average speed by Wi-Fi signal.
- 400 counts in coverage stations (24 h, 1 week each) for specific studies (security studies, follow up on temporary activities).
- coverage in the network not covered by permanent and temporary stations.
- 19,200 Man/Hours for counts of maneuvers for specific studies (security studies, junction designs, pedestrian movements).
- 40.000 origin-destination surveys
The project entailed the supply, installation, maintenance and operation of equipment, as well as a comprehensive processing of data surveyed. Permanent and temporary stations were equipped with magnetic devices and piezoelectric sensors; monitoring stations with video detection equipment, and coverage counts were carried out with pneumatic equipment.
Processing the surveyed data enabled the construction of a complete data base of traffic data for the national road network which comprised:
- daily volume classified by day, month, and year
– volume temporary variation (per hour, day, and month)
– characteristic speeds classified by month and year
– classified characteristic lengths
– gross weight
– Annual growth trends for each type of vehicle