Neighborhood improvement program - Lavalleja shanty town, Montevideo

Client: Ministerio de Vivienda y Ordenamiento Territorial (MVOTMA) - PMB
Water, Environment & Territory
Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

CSI Ingenieros was hired to consult in the context of the Neighborhood Improvement Program – MVOTMA, PMB-PIAI 2052/OC-UR for the Neighborhood Improvement Program for the Lavalleja shanty town located in Montevideo City.
The shanty town is located on the central outskirts of Montevideo, in the Lavalleja neighborhood, and belongs to the CCZ (district community center) 13 jurisdiction and the G Municipality. It is located on registered lot No. 53519, is 285 m long and 60 m wide, and it is bound to the North by Aparicio Saravia Boulevard, to the East by Miguelete creek, to the West by Ignacio Pedrálvez street and to the South by the 11 mts passage.
Lavalleja is 30 years old and has 224 inhabitants who make up 69 families living in 67 households.

Project Scope

- Social aspects: Shanty town census. Neighborhood development project execution
- Urban planning: Designing the internal communication roads for the neighborhood and the plot layout for the area.
- Roadways: Roadway system design: roadways and pedestrian paths.
- Rainwater drainage: Designing gutters and sewers along the roadways, conciliating the design to the existing drainage system in the area.
- Sanitation: Internal system design connected to all the lots. 490 m of a 200 mm collector projected.
- Drinking water: Improvement and expansion project for the existing drinking water supply system. Installing 245 m of pipelines measuring 75 mm in diameter was proposed.
- Electrical Network: Low tension electrical grid design to service all the households in the neighborhood.
- Street lighting: Improvement and expansion project for the existing street lighting network.
- Resettlements: Housing project for resettled families. 49 resettlements were projected.
- Environmental improvement project: Environmental remediation project for the site.