Neighborhood improvement program - Parque Cauceglia, Nuevo Cauceglia and Villa Libre, Montevideo

Client: Intendencia de Montevideo (IM) - MVOTMA
Water, Environment & Territory
Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

Along with IPRU, CSI Ingenieros was hired in the context of the Neighborhood Improvement Program (PMB/PIAI by its Spanish acronym.)The purpose of the project was to regularize the shanty towns known as Parque Cauceglia, Nuevo Cauceglia and Villa Libre, located in the Montevideo Department, between Pantanoso creek, the Access Route to Montevideo and Santín Carlos Rossi Avenue, with a population of 1144 inhabitants and 300 households.
Pertaining to social aspects:
- Conducting a neighborhood census and creating the social-neighborhood development project to be carried out while executing the physical design.
Pertaining to the physical infrastructure dimension, the following aspects were considered:
- Urban planning: Internal communication roads in the neighborhood with curb and gutter. Resettling the families living in areas that are flood-prone beyond repair; moving households located in future public spaces (165 resettlements expected.) New urbanization area where resettlement households can be set up.
- Sanitation: Executing the design for the independent sanitation network (3.9 km), pumping well and other necessary work for channeling to Montevideo.
- Drinking water: Design to replace and supplement existing system. (4.5 km of pipelines)
- Rainwater drainage: Design to execute rainwater drainage channels and the rainwater collector s network (5.3 km in total.)
- Roadways: Designing streets with rural profiles and walkways (4.45 km.)
- Electrical Network: Design to replace and supplement the entire internal electrical network of the shanty town and the new urbanization, increasing the transformation power.
- Street lighting: Design to replace the entire existing street lighting network.
- Forestation: Tree planting project for streets and public spaces.
- Social Equipment: Design for a square-lookout point, children’s corner and a recreational/sports center with child s soccer court, multipurpose court, children s playground, healthy station, skating rink, circuit for aerobic activities, etc. Total affected surface: 7,500 m2

Project Scope

The tasks to be conducted by the Consultants were:
- Pre-investment studies and detailed engineering for the infrastructure, architecture, and urban planning work necessary.
- Social-neighborhood development project. Neighborhood census.
- Administrative tasks to be carried out before public entities to obtain necessary information for the designs and relevant approvals and authorizations.