Study and improvement proposal at the electromechanical facilities of the 500 kV Punta de Tigre Station, UTE.

Client: Adminsitración Nacional de Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas (UTE)
Industry & Construction
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

UTE hires CSI Ingenieros to elaborate a project that would analyze the actual situation and propose improvements at the electromechanical facilities of the maneuver esplanade of the 500 kV Punta del Tigre Station, located in the San José Department.

Project Scope

CSI carried out the following tasks:

Electromechanical Engineering:
- Analysis of the study cases found in the survey, determining if effectively is probably that situations could arise that would provoke electrical failures in the medium term.
- In those cases when it is considered necessary improvement solutions are projected with practical criteria minimizing wide oscillations, complying with the electrical distances between phase sub conductors and conductors; and selecting appropriated fittings and connectors that could adjust better in each case.
- The solutions planned seek minimize costs, power cut times and maneuver times.

The scope of the engineering includes:
- Study of electrical distances in short cut in the actual conditions for interesting cases.
- List of fittings to ad o change in order to improve the facilities seen as problematic.
- Layout drawings with the detail of all the electromechanical components required: fittings, wrenches, chain isolators and new connectors.
- Section and plant drawings indicating the new connections for power equipment or isolators if corresponds.
- Arrows table for the antennas or electrical lowering that were modified.
- Descriptive memory.