Punta del Tigre high voltage station detailed engineering for Kiyú Wind Farm

Client: COBRA
Industry & Construction

CSI Ingenieros is hired for the development of the basic and detailed engineering of the extension of Punta del Tigre Station for connection of Kiyú Wind Farm. The extension comprehends one 150 kV section and the building expansion. The design of the same one is made following UTE requirements.

To this station connects the 50 MW high voltage line coming from Kiyú Wind Farm, located at 26 km from the station.

The project comprehends the integral design of the protections, control, alternate and direct current auxiliary services systems, station network and communications. The design also involves the protection against atmospheric discharges, the civil and electrical design of the field and the control system of the building.

Project Scope

Basic Engineering:
- Single-line general diagram definition.
- General layout and basic equipment definition.
- Field basic engineering: equipment location, slices, electrical distances.
- Calculation of electrical conductors.
- Field and building earthen meshes design.
- Field and building shield design.
- Determination of quantities and location of boards.
- Auxiliary services dimensioning.
- Communications general scheme.
- Basic purchase general specifications.
- Civil and architectonic design of control building enlargement.

Detailed Engineering:
- Civil design of equipment base.
- Civil design of board bases.
- Gantries civil design.
- Illumination and shielding columns civil design.
- External and internal channeling design.
- Connections and grounding of the equipment design.
- Fittings and connectors definition.
- Constructive blueprints of protection panels, casket are, AASS, etc.
- Functional diagrams of alarms control and power-surge connections.
- Wiring spreadsheets.
- External, internal and emergency illumination calculation.
- Low voltage services design (single-line diagrams, floor plan and memories).
- Surveillance system specifications.
- Thermal conditioning and building ventilation design.
- Station network and IP network design.
- Constructive blueprints of communication panels.
- SCADA signals spreadsheet elaboration.
- Specifications and materials list of all the compounds of the diverse systems.
- Firefighting system project.