veDetailed Engineering and Construction Management for ASTIDEY Wind Farm, Uruguay

Client: ASTIDEY S.A.
Industry & Construction

The consortium CSI Ingenieros - Alfex was hired as part of the total execution of the detailed engineering and site supervision for the wind farm "Talas del Maciel I", ASTIDEY S.A.

Project Scope

- Design of the Detailed Engineering for the electrical works relative to the internal park; basic and detailed engineering of medium voltage grid and 30/150 kV transforming station. The project also includes the Civil and Road design for the Equipment Yard and the Connection building. Permits Management before UTE for the works execution.
- Development of detailed engineering for Cerro Colorado high tension station 150kV. The Metering and Connection spot station consists of 6 sections of 150 kV: 3 lines, 2 generators and a coupler. Two wind farms of 50 MW connected to this station, as well as a high tension line that connects a third farm located in the area. The project comprises the integral design of protection systems, control, AC and DC auxiliary services, station grid and communications.
-The direction, topography, measurement, and detailed engineering of foundation and structure of the towers, designed for the high voltage transmission line (HVT line) Cerro Colorado - Trinidad Station. A 150kV three-phase HVT line is designed to connect the Connecting and Metering Station of the farms with Trinidad Station. The HVT detailed project is composed of a 22 km double three-phase line and the premises include more than 50 towers.
- Design of basic and detailed engineering for the expansion of UTE s High voltage Station of Trinidad. This expansion triples the maneuvering yard of 150 kV and doubles the building capacity. Currently it consists of ten 150 kV sections, seven of which are a line, a coupler, a transforming section and a reverse one.