Deatiled Engineering for a High Voltage Substation in ANCAP s Plant in Paysandu

Industry & Construction
Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

Within the frame of the expansion of ANCAP’s Cement Plant in Paysandu, there will be a modification of the plant’s medium voltage network. The increase in power to 30 MW, planned for this project, implies a 150 kV supply voltage from UTE.
The project ranges from the connection to UTE’s 150 kV power measurement station, to the 6,3 kV plant distribution switchgear output terminal connections. The 150 kV include an input section or bay, 150 kV underground cable to overhead line busbar transition bay, single overhead line bus configuration, two transformer bays. The project also includes the lighting protection system, civil and electric design of two control cabins (one in the input section, and the other in the substation).
The electric project includes auxiliary services, command, alarms and signing of the 150 kV facilities.

Project Scope

- Electrical engineering and tender specifications for the purchase of equipments, analysis of tenders and reception of the 150 kV electrical equipments.
- Specifications for the assembly of the electrical installation.
- Civil design for the installation of equipments
- Architectural and structural design project of the Substation facilities and input section respectively.