Detailed Engineering of Piping and Technical Assistance in Site Management for the Installation of Motor Generators in UTE Batlle Power Station

Client: Consorcio Teyma - Saceem
Industry & Construction
Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

CSI Ingenieros was hired by consortium Teyma-Saceem, responsible of the project, the supply and installation of 8 motor generators Wärtsilä 12V46 of 10MVA, in order to carry out the detailed engineering of the whole piping of the engine room and its interconnection to the services of Batlle power station.

Project Scope

CSI carried out the following tasks:
- Specifications and list of materials for the piping works
- Detailed engineering of the pipeline bridge for the interconnection between the engine room and the air radiators room
- Design of the piping design of more than 17,000 meters of pipelines for the following systems:
- Fuel oil supply system from storage tanks to generation equipment
- Secondary supply system (gas oil) from storage tanks to generation equipment
- Water cooling system (interconnection of engines with air radiators)
- Lubricating oil system
- Raw and treated water system
- Steam and condensate recovery system from and to the secondary boiler
- Compressed air for control and power (engine start-up)
- Design of isometric drawings for each pipeline of each system
- Pipeline support design
- Site assistance in the mechanical works