Construction Management in Educational Institutions and Multipurpose Sports Fields in Costa Rica

Client: Fideicomiso Banco Nacional – Ministerio de Educación Pública
Industry & Construction
Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

CSI Ingenieros, in consortium with CAISA (Consultancy Firm on Constructions and Engineering) was hired by the National Bank of Costa Rica, by means of a trust with the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica, for the construction management in educational institutions and multipurpose sports fields, within the framework of the National Program for Construction and Equipment of Educational Infrastructure (PCEIE, for its acronym in Spanish).

Project Scope

The scope of the works consisted in the supervision of the construction of 37 educational institutions and 8 multipurpose sports fields, distributed along the 7 provinces of Costa Rica, both in urban and rural areas. The technical team involved 11 multidisciplinary supervisory units, including civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, architects and environmental works managers. In addition, it included the consortium management team, which carried out the administrative and technical management of the contract.

CSI Ingenieros – CACISA, as supervisors, carried out the following tasks:

- Monitoring of technical, legal and financial aspects related to the works contracts
- Evaluation of the preliminary designs, designs and technical specifications received from the contractors
- Preparation of initial, progress and works completion reports. Approval of works plan, methodologies and reports prepared by the contractor
- Monitoring of the supply and equipment plan in order to detect possible delays that may interfere with the works development
- Monitoring of specific elements of the works implementation (schedule, works progress, remedial works, among others)

The site team supervise that the construction was developed in accordance with the detailed engineering, technical specifications, disbursement and works schedule.