Detailed Engineering for the Civil Works of the Expansion of Maltería Oriental S.A. Industrial Plant in Montevideo, Uruguay

Client: Maltería Oriental S.A.
Water, Environment & Territory
Civil Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to carry out the detailed engineering for the civil works of the expansion of the industrial plant of Maltería Oriental S.A., located close to La Paz city, in the department of Montevideo, in order to reach a malting production capacity of 140,000 tons per year.
This works involve the implementation of two main buildings, characterized by their use in the industrial
process of the barley: germination building and drying building.

Project Scope

- Preparation and delivery of tender and construction documents: construction drawings, technical specifications, calculations reports and lists of materials.
- General implementation design, earthwork and grading, pavements and stormwater drainage.
- Civil engineering design:
▪ Main structure comprised of a perimeter wall and intermediate slabs of reinforced concrete for a cylindrical germination tower of 24 m in diameter and 50 m in height, and with 7 levels in total.
▪ Structure for a building annexed to the rectangular germination tower of 175 m2 with 10 levels in total. The structure consists of reinforced concrete walls and slabs, roof steel structures, footbridge, railing for personnel access and use, and access for mainteinance purposes.
▪ Main structure comprised of reinforced concrete walls and roof, supported by a steel dome roof, for a cylindical drying building of 30 m in diameter and 9.6 in height.
▪ Structure for a building annexed to the drying building of 910 m2, with 3 levels in total, and 26.5 m in height. The structure consists of reinforced concrete walls, columns, beams and reinforced concrete slabs.
- Architectural designs and its installations.
- Design of a fire protection system.
- Construction permiting before the Municipality of Montevideo.
- Client assistance in the selection and development of a construction call for bids; proposals analysis and support in business negociations and contracting