Detailed Engineering and Construction Management for VELCRO selfadhesive tapes manufacturing plant, Pando, Uruguay

Client: VELCRO Group
Industry & Construction
Civil Engineering

CSI ingenieros was hired to carry out the Detailed Engineering and Construction Management for VELCRO Group. The 10,000 m2 industrial plant manufactures polypropylene self-adhesive tapes to be exported worldwide.

Project Scope

-Design of Initial Master Plan, with a study to establish the plant in the property, withdrawals/decommissioning, and conduction of general layout.
- Detailed design:
-Architecture: industrial building, office and personal services building, access control and UTE s premises, pump room for potable water supply, fire pumps premises.
-Structure: 125x64m industrial building with steel framework and reinforced concrete perimeter wall, 39X15m 2-storey office building made of reinforced concrete, water reservoir and reinforced concrete burial chambers.
-Infrastructure: pavements, drains.
-Power: 31.5 kV grid connection; 31.5/0.400 kV Substation; 400 VCA Power Installation; Weak signals; Protection system against atmospheric discharges
-HVAC: 190 TR total capacity chiller; Fan-coils systems, Direct expansion system with temperature and humidity control, Single phase split units with reversible cycle heating.
-Fire: design and installation of outdoor network of fire hydrants; Indoor network of fire hydrants; Fire sprinkler system for warehouse; Installation of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants - fire safety water storage with a capacity of 426m3.
-Sanitary installations
-Construction Management of works including: procurement, construction management, final reception, and settlement of contracts.