Detailed Engineering and Construction Management for VISCOFAN’s Collagen Fiber manufacturing plant, Pando, Uruguay

Client: Viscofan S.A. (Ex MISOW S.A.)
Industry & Construction
Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

CSI Ingenieros was hired to carry out the Design of Detailed Architecture, structure, infrastructure (erection, earthworks, pavements, rainwater drains), and installations (power, lighting, indoor sanitary installation, HVAC), for a 10.000 m2 production plant. A progressive increase in production was planned to occur in four stages; reaching, in the last stage, an annual production of 600 million meters of artificial collagen wraps.

Project Scope

- Confection and delivery of tender documents and documents for construction (“For Bidding” & “For Construction”): construction drawings, technical specifications, technical reports, calculations and list of materials.
- Low and Medium voltage electrical installation: 31.5 kV medium voltage power supply; provision and assembly of electrical equipment at the substation (modular switchgear, 31.5 kV to 0.4 kV power transformer, UPS, generator set, panel for transformer protection and switchgear); provision and assembly of power panels; lighting; grounding system, and protection system against atmospheric discharges; telecommunication installation.
- Thermo mechanical installations comprising: ammonia (comprises 5 compressors, 4 evaporative condensers and 3 semi-welded plate evaporators and flooded evaporators) for Glycol cooling; primary and secondary pumps with back up for Glycol cooling;
frequency variators; use of Glycol as refrigerant for “coolers”, maturation chamber, electrical panels, air conditioning, among others; exchangers for water chilling process using Glycol; installation for mechanical extraction; central control system.
- Industrial Sewerage Installation: industrial sewerage for the effluents from the different stages of the process, as well as water used to clean the floors of areas where the process takes place.
- Hydraulic Installation: the project required the realization of different types of sewerage works (construction of ditches, drains, protection for rainwater discharge, rainwater chambers, rainwater collectors, flood lamination lagoon).
- Customer support for the study of offers for civil construction works and electromechanical assembly of the industrial plant.
- Elaboration of drawings, processing and approval of the Construction permits and Industrial permits before the Municipality of Pando.
- Work direction in the stage of civil construction and electromechanical assembly