Structural Design and Calculation of the Montes del Plata Pulp Mill s Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants

Industry & Construction
Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

Design of the Civil Detail Engineering of the Raw Water and Effluent Treatment Plants of Montes del Plata Pulp Mill.

Project Scope

Detailed engineering "For Construction" : construction drawings, technical specifications, technical reports, BOQ.
In site technical assistance throughout the whole works process. Technical assistance during construction, in order to solve different design problems that might arise during construction. Areas involved:
- WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant)
- Primary and Secondary Clarifier
- Emergency Pond
- Preneutralization and Neutralization Tanks
- Equalization
- Biological reactors
- Sludge treatment
- Cooling towers
- Power building and compressor room
- WTP (Water Treatment Plant)
- Clarifiers
- Filters
- Parshall
- Power buildings
- BFWTP (Boiler Feed Water Treatment)
- Neutralization
- Chemical area
- Demineralization area