Detailed Engineering of the Civil Works of Estancias del Lago Agro-Industrial Enterprise in Durazno, Uruguay

Client: Estancias del Lago S.R.L.
Industry & Construction
Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

CSI Ingenieros was hired to develop an agro-industrial sustainable facility for milk powder production from a standard dairy farm that has space for 8,800 milking cows.
In addition, CSI carried out the detailed engineering of the civil works of the different production and processing buildings, and the road and hydraulic infrastructure.

Project Scope

CSI prepared the documentation for bidding and for construction of the buildings and infrastructure, which included works drawings and contract technical specifications for contracting construction works. Moreover, CSI also provided assistance to the client in relation to the analysis of contractors offers and follow-up of the project during the works implementation stage.

The buildings and infrastructure are the following:

- Milk powder plant for producing 14,000 tons/year
- Main dairy farm and production offices building, with two rotary milking parlors, a production area and a building with offices
- Building with business management and administration offices
- 14 free-stall barns of 30 m x 250 m and similar barns for maternity, rearing, calves, reception, quarantine
- Plant for grain storage with a capacity of 11,350 tons
- Plant for vegetable oil and biodiesel plant (2,300 tons/year)
- Civil work for biodigester power plant of 3 MW
- Reservoir, headworks, discharge line and water treatment plant for 200 m3/h; water distribution system and internal sanitary system
- Industrial and domestic wastewater drainage system