Detailed Engineering of a Parboiled Rice Plant, Parboiled Mill and White Rice Mill for Molinos Río de la Plata, Argentina

Client: Molinos RÍO DE LA PLATA
Industry & Construction
Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

CSI Ingenieros was hired by Molinos Río de la Plata in order to carry out the detailed engineering of a new rice processing plant to be located in Concepción del Uruguay, Argentina.

Project Scope

- Parboiled rice mill of 20 TPH capacity, including an area for primary classification of grains and a steam generator room based on burnt rice husk.
- Parboiled rice mill of 20 TPH capacity
- White rice mill of 25 TPH capacity
- Packaging area

CSI Ingenieros carried out the detailed engineering of the facilities, including:
• Parboiled rice plant:
- Process engineering
- Facilities layout
- Design and equipment selection
- Process flow diagram
- Piping project
- Automation project
• Parboiled and white rice mill and packaging area:
- Process engineering
- Process flow diagram
- Facilities layout
- Structural steel design
- Hopper drawings
- Canalization drawings
- Aspiration system