Montes del Plata Cellulose Pulp Mill

Detailed Engineering, industrial architecture and construction management for a new pulp mill with a capacity of 1,3 M tons of bleached eucalyptus pulp (1,5 BUSD investment)

Date: 2011- 2015
Location: Colonia, Uruguay
Client: Montes del Plata


The Montes del Plata project consisted in the design & construction of a Cellulose Pulp Mill industrial complex with an annual production of 1,3 million tons of bleached eucalyptus pulp. This project comprised among others; a Drying, Cutting, Baling & Evaporation plant as well as a White Liquor Plant and the Water & Effluent Treatment Plants. CSI provided the Civil Engineering and the Structural Design.


  • Civil Structural Design
  • Process Buildings
  • Detailed Architectural Designs
  • Non -Processes Buildings
  • Construction Management (BOP)