Identification of Alternatives for Territorial Integration between Paraguay and Brazil

integración py br


CSI is finalizing a study of Identification of Alternatives of Territorial Integration between Paraguay and Brazil for the IDB. The project consisted in the identification of alternatives for an Investment Program in Connectivity Infrastructure between Brazil and Paraguay, which will include the construction of two border bridges and the road infrastructure that could be complementary to them:

  • The first one called “International Bridge over the Paraná River”, between Ciudad del Este (PY) and Foz de Iguazú (BR)
  • The second named “International Bridge over the Apa River” between the towns of San Lázaro (PY) and Puerto Murtinho (BR)

The tasks included:

  • Characterization of the study area in terms of socioeconomy levels and the current connectivity system.
  • Formulation of alternative solutions, identifying points for the location of the bridges, possible traces of the bridges and accessory road works.
  • Definition of the border crossing centers basic characteristics, to be located on the bridges.
  • Economic and financial evaluation of the resulting projects under different contractual modes (traditional public managed works and public-private partnership).