Engineering with BIM, IoT and predictive analytics – We continue to innovate to offer a better service

Building Informacion Modeling (BIM) is key for the digitalization of the construction industry and the improvement of its productivity. At CSI we have consolidated experience in the application of this methodology, and rely on our multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive engineering services with BIM.

In 2018 we will initiate a project with ANII support that takes BIM to the next level. The project seeks to generate services for the optimization of operation and maintenance management in order to meet the operator’s requirements starting from the design stage. This is the basis of BIM strategic consultancy, adding value throughout the life cycle of the asset through effective information management for decision making.

Two pilot projects will be developed, civil infrastructure and industrial, with the objective of optimizing operation and maintenance, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency and automation in the operation, by applying Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive analytics on BIM models, thus advancing towards comprehensive digital asset management. We are entering into new applications of these technologies, which represents a great challenge, but with confidence in the multidisciplinary team that makes CSI Ingenieros.

You can find more information about our integral engineering services with BIM here:

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