CSI will work on updating Paraguay’s infrastructure and transportation services master plan


CSI, consortiated with COMYCSA and Steer Davies Glaeve, were awarded the update of Paraguay´s infrastructure and transportation services master plan for the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (in Spanish MOPC). The objective of the study is to update Paraguay’s multimodal transport infrastructure strategic plans. As a consequence of these plans, which consider short, medium and long term (5, 10 and 20 years respectively), the respective infrastructure programs that will be generated, materializing the Strategic Plans.

The activities to be developed by the consortium include: Analysis and evaluation of compliance with the 2012 transportation infrastructure master plan, diagnosis of the transportation system, updating of the transportation model, medium-term multimodal transport plan and investment program for 10 years, update of the long-term multimodal transport plan for 20 years, preparation of a medium and short-term road investment program, and update of the transportation master plan impact assessment on access to metropolitan areas. In addition, training will be provided to MOPC technicians, as well as socialization workshops for the plan, and preparation of dissemination materials.

The plans have strategic objectives for Paraguay´s development, the promotion of its productive activities, territorial connectivity and integration of the most isolated areas. It also considers integration in the international arena, favoring the country’s foreign trade. The participation of CSI in this project which is key to the future of infrastructure and transportation services in Paraguay is of great relevance for the company, strengthening the imprint that CSI has been leaving in this country for more than two decades.