CSI will continue managing the transit survey system of the National Routes network in 2018-2022


CSI was selected by the Ministry of Trasport and Public Works (in Spanish MTOP) for the management of the Statistical System of Traffic Survey in the entire National Routes network for the period 2018-2022, a service that the consultancy has been providing uninterrupted since 2001.

The system integrates different types of technologies and survey methodologies such as: permanent survey posts through piezoelectric sensing for classified counts and weighing in movement; seasonal operation posts for classified counting; coverage positions by pneumatic sensors for the unattended network by permanent and seasonal positions; permanent operation posts for counting classified by video-detection; medium speed measurement stations for wi-fi signal detection; origin-destination surveys; and creation of traffic simulation models.

The project involves the supply, installation, maintenance and operation of the equipment, as well as the exhaustive processing of the information released with them. The National Directory of Roads (in Spanish DNV) has a permanently updated transit database which can perform the most complete statistical analysis of traffic and feed Road Management System.

The system has been used satisfactorily in an uninterrupted manner since 2001, having provided the DNV with invaluable information for planning, economic evaluation of projects and pavement design, among other purposes.