CSI is conducting a demand study of the Uruguay River for potential works in Salto Grande


The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has requested a study to update the demand that commercial navigation would have for the Uruguay River, in case works are carried out in the Grande Jump dam to allow its franking, thereby extending the navigation upstream of the structure.

The project, led by CSI Ingenieros, aims to study the current demand and the one generated if works are carried out, in order to analyze if it is necessary to invest in the elimination of the obstacle to navigation that today constitutes the Salto Grande dam, and if this is economically and financially viable taking into account the concept of sustainable development.

It should be noted that the study will consider as valid the previous technical studies, socio-environmental studies and the preliminary designs of the project, carried out in the 2002-2003 study: “Regional Development and Improvement of the Navigability of the Uruguay River” within the framework of the Financing Agreement signed on August 6 2000 between the Administrative Commission of the Uruguay River (CARU), the Mixed Technical Commission of Salto Grande (CTMSG) and the European Union (EU).