Conceptual design of a port terminal for TOSA in Paraguay


TOSA (Western Terminal S.A.), within the Master Plan framework prepared for its property located on the western margin of the Paraguay River, downstream of the Puente Remanso, is interested in developing a commercial port terminal. The project consists of a Logistic Pole combined with a Multipurpose development with the objective of providing different types of services and solutions that are not currently provided by competing companies or are done inefficiently. One of its attractions is that the project is located on the western margin of the Paraguay River, which could capture cargo and customers interested in developement in the Paraguayan Chaco or avoiding crossing the bridge, gaining efficiency in logistics.

The port terminal designed by CSI has the objective of operating different cargoes: dry and refrigerated cargo containers (including empty containers), break-bulk cargoes, vehicles, grains and fertilizers. The development of a terminal that operates directly on this river margin will enhance the development of the entire Logistics Pole and its adjacent activities.

The consultant’s project also included an analysis of the historical movement of merchandise for each type of cargo considered and an estimate of the potential of loads to be mobilized by the Terminal, based on official statistical data of the existing terminals in the area of influence of TOSA.