Ciudad de la Costa Sanitation, Pluvial Waters and Streets Executive Project (First Stage)

Canelones, Uruguay.

National Water and Sanitation Company (OSE) – Municipality of Canelones (IMC).

The purpose of the contract is the development of the executive project of the first stage of the sanitation, pluvial drainage and road system of Ciudad de la Costa (Canelones, Uruguay). The first stage area comprises 46% of the total area, it has a 2,150 ha area, with 99,200 residents at the end of the period (year 2035).

The executive project includes: 317 km of secondary sanitation networks; 20.400 connections; 9 pumping stations, 8 km of impulsion lines; one secondary treatment plant designed for 350.000 inhabitants; one ground outfall 3.100 m long and 1.100 mm in diameter from the treatment plant to the Río de la Plata; one submarine outfall 1 km long and with a 1.100 mm diameter; micro-drainage networks consisting of 490 km of semi-coated roadsides; 29 km of open channels; 32 accumulation lakes; and 290 km of roads.