Astidey 50MW Wind Farm

Cerro Colorado – Trinidad High Voltage Line Project

Date: 2012 – 2014
Location: Flores, Uruguay


Connection project of Talas del Maciel 1 and Talas de Maciel 2 wind farms in Cerro Colorado, department of Flores, Uruguay, with 100 MW power  generation capacity.

Design of a 150 kV double-triad high voltage line connecting the wind farms’ connection and measurement Station with the Trinidad Station.

The final plan set of the high voltage line consists of a 22 km long double- triad, with Hawk conductor, protected by an OPGW type guard wire. The corridor includes 50 electricity pylons with their bases and their grounding systems. An analysis of the optimal distribution of electrical towers and of the corresponding sagging was carried out. The project also included an alignment and profile survey of its running, protection system against atmospheric discharges, design of grounding systems, and civil design of the bases of the different types of towers, and analysis of adsorption of wind vibrations.

Works included the preparation of survey maps and their corresponding register in the registry, as well as the procurement of authorizations and permits before UTE.

Project Results

Detailed engineering Project of a 22 km long double-triad high voltage line and authorization for its construction.