• Focus

    Water is a vital resource, yet more than 750 million people lack access to safe water and 2.5 billion are still using unimproved sanitation facilities worldwide. Adequate supply of drinking water and sanitation are key drivers for poverty reduction, improved quality of life and socio-economic development. The benefits of improved sanitation and safe water access include savings in health costs, higher worker productivity, and better school attendance.

  • Solutions

    We have proven experience in drinking water production, sanitation, rain water, waste water, sustainable drainage systems, hydraulics modelling and commercial and industrial internal systems. We combine strong team of technicians (PhDs, Master degrees), skillful managers (MBAs, PMPs), and experts from several disciplines (Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning, Sociology, Economy) and cutting edge technology, deep knowledge of our clients and communities needs.

    • Clients: Governments, international agencies, private and public sector companies.
    • Countries: Uruguay, Peru, Angola, México, Paraguay, Brazil & Gabon.
  • Services

    • Feasibility Studies.
    • Master Plans.
    • Preliminary Projects.
    • Detailed Projects.
    • Bidding documents.
    • Construction Management.
    • Technical assistance.
    • Socio-economic asssessment.
  • Areas of expertise

    • Drinking water production and distribution systems.
    • Wastewater collection and treatment system.
    • Storm drainage system.
    • Flood control.
    • Hydraulic works.
    • Internal water supply systems, sanitation and firefighting.
  • Representative

    Ing. Carla Baldo, MBA
    +598 2902 1066
    +598 2901 9058 (fax)

    Additional Contact

    Ing. Paula Romay, MBA
    +598 2902 1066
    +598 2901 9058 (fax)