• Focus

    Safe and efficient transportation systems are critical for everyday life. Efficient national transportation networks enhance people´s mobility and allow businesses to improve profits by lowering transportation costs and enhancing the productivity of their supply chains. Therefore, effective transportation planning and design are essential to achieving prosperity and growth.

  • Solutions

    We work together with governments, institutions and other public and private sectors to deliver the best solutions for road infrastructure design and management as well as general transportation aspects.
    Our experience ranges from basic studies to the implementation of detailed engineering projects as well as 24/7 operation of transportation systems. We have developed a strong team with knowledge in several subject areas and cutting edge software that allows us to deliver outstanding solutions and be a referent in Latin-America.

    • Clients: Governments, international agencies, private and public sector companies.
    • Countries: Uruguay, Peru, Angola, México, Paraguay & Brazil.
  • Services

    • Market research.
    • Feasibility Studies.
    • Master Plans.
    • Strategic Plans.
    • Conceptual Engineering.
    • Basic Engineering.
    • Detailed Engineering.
    • Institutional Development.
    • Transportation modelling.
    • Transportation surveys.
    • Transportation control.
    • Infrastructure surveys.
    • Cross-Border Layouts.
    • Infrastrcture and Building Drafting.
    • Identification of Cross-Border Investment Programs.
    • Cross-Border Cooperation Initiatives and Programs.
    • Technical Assistant in the Field of Border Management.
  • Areas of Expertise

    • Road infrastructure.
    • Transport.
    • Traffic Management.
    • Border Management
  • Representative

    Eng. Gabriel Abraham
    +598 29021066
    +598 29019058 (fax)

    Additional Contact

    Eng. Gisele Pingaro
    +598 29021066
    +598 29019058 (fax)