• Focus

    Protecting the environment plays a critical role in economic growth and sustainable development. Businesses need to achieve regulatory compliance, enhance operating efficiency, and safeguard our natural resources. Governments, communities, and businesses must focus their decisions on achieving environmental sustainability and avoiding environmental degradation that could represent enormous economic and social losses.

  • Solutions

    Experts with diverse expertise (Environmental, Hydraulics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Biology, Archaeology, Sociology, Flora & Fauna, Limnology, Oceanography, JNCC certificates) and extensive experience in all environmental areas attain a state of the art development of environmental management engineering and consultancy.
    We are part of our clients projects to provide them with the best solution for their needs; by improving the efficiency of processes, we lead environmental challenges to success.

    • Clients: Governments, international agencies, private and public sector companies.
    • Countries: Uruguay, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama & Angola.
  • Services

    • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).
    • Numerical modeling applied to EIAs.
    • Baseline Studies.
    • Noise, Air, Soil and Water Monitoring.
    • Underground Water Monitoring.
    • Biological Monitoring.
    • Environmental Site Assessments.
    • Environmental Management Plans.
    • Tender and Technical specifications.
    • Waste Management Plans.
    • Environmental Permitting management.
    • Detailed Design for wastewater Treatment Plants and final Disposal or Waste Treatment solutions.
  • Areas of Expertise

    • Mining projects.
    • Industrial facilities.
    • Oil & Gas projects.
    • Waste water treatment plants.
    • Wind farms.
    • Pulp mills.
    • Port terminals.
    • Dredging.
    • Road infrastructure.
  • Representative

    Eng. Carla Baldo, MBA
    +598 2902 1066
    +598 2901 9058 (fax)