• Focus

    Currently, the highly competitive markets require a greater economic and financial analysis of both, public and private projects. This analysis must accompany the planning and the study of the project, which is made from other points of view, such as the legal, social, environmental and engineering, among others.

  • Solutions

    We offer comprehensive consulting services, which comprise the various aspects linked to the project, and covering the entire life of it. In this way, we accompany projects from its conception until its funding and implementation underway. Working with Governments, private actors and multilateral entities, we promote the sustainable development of the industry through high-value consulting services in structuring and designing projects, as well as using studies of sectoral economy in several areas.

    • Clients: Governments, international agencies, private and public sector companies.
    • Countries: Uruguay, Perú, Panama, Paraguay & Bolivia.
  • Services

    • Profile studies.
    • Pre-feasibility and Feasibility studies.
    • Development of business model.
    • Value for money studies.
    • Development of bidding rules.
    • Analysis multi-criteria and selection of projects.
    • Comprehensive project structuring.
    • Private project evaluation.
    • Socio-economic assessment.
    • Demand studies.
    • Risk analysis.
    • Real options.
    • Exante and expost impact assessment.
    • Analysis of regulatory framework for the promotion of projects.
    • Pricing.
    • Financing and comprehensive advice to financial closure plan.
    • Evaluation of financing structures.
    • Financial modelling.
  • Areas of Expertise

    • Feasibility studies.
    • Development and implementation of infrastructure projects.
    • Funding strategies.
    • Due Diligence.
    • Consultancy specialized in transportation economics.
    • Consultancy specialized in the energy economy.
    • Consultancy specialized in environmental economics.
    • Consultancy specialized in the economics of the water and sanitation sector.
  • Representative

    Ec. Ignacio Gervaz
    +598 29021066
    +598 29019058 (fax)