• Focus

    Infrastructure development is a rich source of job creation, economic growth, community development and improved competitiveness. Civil engineering plays a key role in infrastructure development since it provides the industry with the tools, training and technology that is required for developing a skilled workforce and achieving performance and competitiveness in the infrastructure industry.

  • Solutions

    Our Civil Engineering & Construction Management Services team provides proficiency in civil engineering, industrial architecture and project and construction management services, to meet complex project high demands, from initial stages through start up and operation.

    Our team combines highly trained technicians (PhDs, Master degrees), skillful managers (MBAs, PMPs), experts from several disciplines (Engineering, Architecture) and cutting edge software technology

    • Clients: Governments, international agencies, private and public sector companies.
    • Countries: Uruguay, Brazil, Angola, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama & Paraguay.
  • Services

    • Structural Engineering Design Services.
    • Architectural Design Services.
    • Project Management.
    • Construction Management.
  • Areas of Expertise

    • Industrial and commercial Buildings.
    • Pulp Mills.
    • Industrial Facilities.
    • Water and Wastewater treatment plants.
    • Bridges.
    • Steel structures.
    • Prefabricated structures.
    • EPC & EPCM projects.
  • Representative

    Eng. Andrés de Fuentes
    +598 29021066
    +598 29019058 (fax)

    Additional Contact

    Eng. Héctor Scelza, MBA
    +598 29021066
    +598 29019058 (fax)