CSI Ingenieros is Uruguay’s leading provider of consulting and engineering services and one of the most advanced and innovative firms in the Southern Cone region.

Our firm has been part of our clients’ success for more than 37 years. Since 1980 we have actively participated in more than 1000 projects for clients from over 20 countries, prioritizing excellence and adding value and innovation to the projects in which we are involved. From our initial focus on agro-industrial facilities development and industrial engineering, we have positioned our firm successfully as a diversified multi-specialist firm, with capabilities in several disciplines, sectors and services.

Our core values are our innovative vision, our ability to adapt solutions to different cultures and country contexts, and the selection of the best available technology to solve problems. For this we put at the disposal of those who trust in us the talent of more than 150 specialists that accompany us every day. They contribute their capacity and expertise in more than 10 disciplines, achieving with their work quality results and always pursuing being part of our clients´s success.

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Being part of our client´s success, providing integral consultancy and engineering solutions that develop our people, preserve the environment and generate value for our shareholders and for the communities where we operate.


  • Excellence – “Make things right”
  • Innovation – “Provide innovative solutions to all the projects”
  • Commitment – “Make things happen”


We are a Multi-Specialist Uruguayan firm, leader in integral consultancy and engineering solutions.
We have strong international experience and we are recognized for the high quality of our work, the talent of our people and our innovative engineering solutions.

Our aim is to always be part of our clients´ success, positively impact the communities where we act, inspire our people, add value to our shareholders and grow as firm.


We provide consultancy and engineering holistic one-stop-shop solutions, covering the different stages of projects lifecycle.

Over 150 people actively collaborate with our clients and partners to imagine, design and develop solutions that make our clients’ projects a success.

Planning Engineering and Design Project Management Asset Management
Market Research Project Management Project Planning Infrastructure and Facility Management
Expert Opinions Conceptual Engineering Contracts and Tender documents Optimization of Industrial processes
Feasibility Studies Preliminary/Basic Engineering Management/Supervision of Construction and Assembly Optimization of Operation and infrastructure Maintenance
Master Plans Detailed engineering Construction and Assembly Management in EPC or EPCM Training
Regulatory Framework and Institutional Strengthening Costs and Quantity Studies Construction and Assembly Management as Owner Engineer Infrastructure Survey and inventory
Project Structuring for PPPs, Project Finance Technical Specifications Quality Assurance (QA/QC) Asset Management Systems
Socio-Economic Studies Multidisciplinary Design Technical Assistance during construction and assembly
Due Diligence Owner Engineer Services
Demand Studies Infrastructure Resilience
Permits and clearances management
BIM Services
BIM consultancy BIM coordination BIM Construction Management Asset lifecycle management
Multidisciplinary modelling BIM 5D (3D, time, cost) Bill of quantities As-BUILT BIM models
Information Technology
GIS for Infrastructure Big Data IT solutions for Infrastructure
IOT Image Processing
Environmental Solutions
Environmental Studies Baseline Studies Environmental Management Plan Environmental Audits
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Waste Management Plan Permits and Clearances Environmental Monitoring